hurricane weather

Here Comes Olivia

How long will it take this time to pass?

How much Rain?

Will we flood?

A tropical storm watch was put into effect Sunday 9/9/2018 for most of the state as Olivia approaches westward toward the Hawaiian islands.

Waiting on a storm sometimes takes days, and its over in hours. The slow churning hurricane gaining strength and slowing down. Up and Down, or a steady gain that brings shivers to your spine. Hoping for the best but knowing it could be devastating.

As of Monday forecast shows the first two islands to welcome Olivia will be Maui and Big Island. Stores have been picked over and the shelves have been emptying quickly. Last minute supplies to pick up like gasoline and propane. So hoping to one and all your survival kits should have all your items ready since May 2018. RIGHT?

If you are in a well known flood area:

  • Fill and place your sand bags now if you have not already.
  • Pull your cars to high ground.
  • If you are near streams or bodies of water prepare for flooding.
  • Leave and go to higher grounds if it starts to flood near your house.


Hurricane season starts for the Islands of Hawaii June 1, 2018

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