Rainbow Falls and Boiling Pots bay

Rainbow Falls is one of the many spectacular sights the Island of Hawai`i has to offer.

boiling pots

Boiling Pots is above Rainbow Falls. Don’t let the calm water fool you. Plenty of people have drown at the Falls.

Rainbow Falls is a waterfall located in Hilo. Go up the hill before the hospital @ 967 Waianuenue Ave, Hilo, HI 96720.

The Face of the waterfall is Approx. 80 ft tall and almost 100 ft in diameter.

The falls are part of the Hawai’i State Parks.

There is no fee to see the falls.

Must See.. Rainbows Galore, beautiful landscape and a great outdoor picture spot.

If it has not been raining the ponds are clear. Swim in the ponds on top, just stay away from the mouth (top) of the falls. Be alert when swimming under the water falls. No Jumping or Diving into ponds for your own safety. Plenty of people have been critically hurt and some have even died. So don’t take a chance. Enjoy your vacation.

boiling pots 2

Just remember “Please” have respect for the land and take out all your trash.

Keep the Land Beautiful, Do not litter.


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