FORD VS. KAVANAUGH — Rip-Roar Get High On Life

Reposted from: THE THINKERYGREAT MINDS THINK. FORD VS. KAVANAUGH September 27, 2018 The Supreme Court nominee is being accused of awful conduct. He is denying it. What do we do with that? This situation is just one of countless others. We constantly need to sift through data, analyze information, and weigh evidence. When we […]

via FORD VS. KAVANAUGH — Rip-Roar Get High On Life

A Great thinking Story. I found it very empowering. Considering if Christine Ford does have the wrong man, Kavanaugh could lose everything down to coaching his daughters softball team. So be careful that when you do accuse you have solid proof. This seems to be an open and shut kinda case until you weigh the evidence. Then it seems one party has slight problems remembering who was there and what date. Even being confused like a child. Then with the flip of a coin we have the other party with witnesses to collaborate his whereabouts, names of others and a calendar for dates that was an original that coincides with his witness statements of Kavanaugh’s whereabouts.

Chad Rhodes


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