Hawaii County announced today that it will no longer accept paper and plastics for recycling at its transfer stations starting mid-October.

Effective Oct. 16, Hawaii County’s designated recycling and transfer stations will no longer be able to accept plastics and papers such as newspapers due to significant decreases in global recycling markets.

I am sure you are wondering what are we to do now? The paper I can mulch into my flower beds. But for those in situations where they have no where to recycle the paper trash cans will be over flowing.

As for the plastics that’s an issue. We need to start looking into refill stations or perhaps reduce the package over all. The slimmer plastic bag refill pouches might be a good solution. Sour cream, yogurt, applesauce and other items are now being processed with this slim line packaging.

The “2-Bin” recycling program will collect only:

  • Corrugated cardboard (clean and not contaminated with food),
  • Brown Kraft paper bags, such as paper shopping bags from the grocery store

The Glass Bin will collect

  • Glass bottles and jars (with no caps, covers or lids)
  • Clean non-HI-5 bottles and jars (such as wine bottles, pickle jars)

The Metal Bin will collect:

  • Metal cans, which must be clean and small (such as cans of tuna, soup and pet food)

Wow so this is going to get messy to say the least.

China put a ban on recycles and the Asian market soon became overwhelmed. The market for recyclables has dropped period. This is due to excessive amounts of these items. This is causing a world wide epidemic.

This should be a “WAKE UP CALL” for everyone. We are a very wasteful society and we need to change our ways.

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