I have rescanned and adjusted my antenna over and over and I still can’t get a CBS or affiliate channel on my TV antenna.

What is the Problem?

If you live somewhere below Mauna Loa to the east, normally receiving KGMB via K20NX (Ch. 20) or any other channel on your TV antenna is currently down.

Due to the power outage on Maui from the recent high winds, the equipment that relays the KGMB/CBS, signal from Maui to our Mauna Loa translator site is down until MECO can replace utility poles to restore power to the mountain.

They do not have a timeline on when service will be restored by MECO.

So for now there is no CBS and affiliates free TV service.

You can get KGMB Hawaii News Now by streaming on your computer or tablet. No storm warning from internet fed streaming, because it is only live during the news scheduled regular time. Other than that it is a repeat stream.

You can join the HNN Weather App on your mobile phone for alerts and warnings. Very helpful during this service blackout.

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