Hilo Medical Center “PREPARING” For COVID-19 (Coronavirus) the 2020 PANDEMIC.

Hilo Medical Center is one of 3 hospitals that are located on the island of Hawaii.

Hilo medical has set up blockades and all entrances are locked down for entrance and the front entrance is staffed with health workers taking temperatures and asking a few questions for entrance into the hospital.

I blurred the picture so you couldn’t recognize the people

Building an OUTDOOR reception building/tent for any COVID-19 patients should or when we get any on the Big Island. There are no infected persons so far. Lets keep our fingers crossed it stays that way.

But as we prepare ourselves for a long haul of the store shelves being emptied out. Praying that the ships continue to come into port to deliver the toilet paper!!!

I was at Wal-Mart the other day and there was a woman whos cart was over flowing with toilet paper. GREEDY people are very well alive here. She was probably buying it for her small family store so they can sell 4 rolls for $20. I am not kidding… Highway robbery when there are emergencies here in the islands. The Struggle for toilet paper is real…

President Trump has finally come out and decided this is now a Pandemic… We knew that with the first cruise ship deaths and how in the world they thought that keeping these people on the cruise ships was a good idea.. I knew that was stupid. RECYCLED AIR FOLKS… Reminds me stupidity is running wild with this one.

So the end story is … Wash your Hands frequently, limit your time in public, Monitor yourself. You know when you don’t feel well. If you feel it is more than a regular cold then go and get checked.

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