This is a Civil Defense message.

This is a Civil Defense message. USGS HVO Live Streaming video below

This is an Eruption update for Sunday, December 4th at 4 in the afternoon.

Fissure 3 continues to erupt and the leading edge of the lava flow is more than 2 miles from Daniel K. Inouye Highway and the highway remains open in both directions.  No communities are at risk at this time.

Hawaii Police Department reports, the section of Old Saddle Road which was closed earlier today due to a Police investigation has been reopened for Lava Parking.

For map updates of the Mauna Loa lava flow, please refer to the;

Civil Defense Volcano Hazard information tab on our website;

Civil Defense Volcano Hazard Map;

USGS-HVO Mauna Loa Fissure 3 Live Streaming Camera;

LIVE Streaming
USGS HVO Mauna Loa Fissure 3

You are reminded that all areas adjacent to Daniel K Inouye Highway and Old Saddle Road and near the lava flow are CLOSED and prohibited from access to the public.  Please stay in the designated areas to avoid hazards and further closures.

You will be updated of any changes that affect your safety. 

This is your Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.Confirm ReceiptĀ© 2022 Everbridge, Inc.


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