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Hilo Medical Center “PREPARING” For COVID-19 (Coronavirus) the 2020 PANDEMIC.

Hilo Medical Center "PREPARING" For COVID-19 (Coronavirus) the 2020 Pandemic. Hilo Medical Center is one of 3 hospitals that are located on the island of Hawaii.


March 6, 2020 at 12:23 pm HST OFFICIAL WORD: Coronavirus COVID-19 has been detected in the Islands.


How long has the Coronavirus been active. Reports coming from 2 missing Chinese reporters say approximately 1 year. Could this be true? As of Today February 18, 2020 Hawaii has ZERO Coronavirus cases in the Islands.

Vacunas e inmunización

Las vacunas son la forma más segura y eficaz de protegerse y proteger a su familia contra 16 enfermedades prevenibles con vacunas.

Unvaccinated Kids In Hawaii Grows…

We are all finding out in the worst way just how important vaccinating our children are. 30% 0f children in Hawaii are not vaccinated against measles. Many children are home schooled and non vaccinated. So who's to say if that count could not be higher. With the big connection to Samoa that the islands have … Continue reading Unvaccinated Kids In Hawaii Grows…

Mapping the next Hawaiian island

Article by Katie Brown MABRI April 25, 2019 Loihi is an underwater volcano southeast of the Hawaiian Islands. It could reach the surface in 100,000 years. Base map: Google Earth One hundred thousand years from now, Hawaii’s youngest volcanic island will break the surface of the North Pacific Ocean. This baby volcano—known as Loihi—is currently … Continue reading Mapping the next Hawaiian island

George Theros: Child Predator, Bought 9 year old Female in Thailand.

Department of Justice U.S. Attorney’s Office District of Hawaii FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, July 31, 2019 U.S. Citizen Arrested For Sexual Conduct With A Minor In A Foreign Place HONOLULU – George Alexis Theros, 76, was arrested yesterday and charged by criminal complaint with engaging in illicit sexual conduct in a foreign place, in violation … Continue reading George Theros: Child Predator, Bought 9 year old Female in Thailand.

GUILTY… The Corrupt Kealoha’s, EX-Police Chief and Deputy Prosecutor For Honolulu…

Corruption Duo Duped Hawaii, Louis and Katherine Kealoha The Great Corruption Duo of Hawaii.. Top ranking officials who ran Honolulu finally are found guilty of all counts. From stealing money from 99 year old Aunt Puana and Mailbox fraud against another family member and trying to frame them to keep them quiet. Kealoha's covering up … Continue reading GUILTY… The Corrupt Kealoha’s, EX-Police Chief and Deputy Prosecutor For Honolulu…


HAWAII COUNTY "NO LONGER RECYCLING"??? Hawaii County announced today that it will no longer accept paper and plastics for recycling at its transfer stations starting mid-October. Effective Oct. 16, Hawaii County’s designated recycling and transfer stations will no longer be able to accept plastics and papers such as newspapers due to significant decreases in global … Continue reading CHINA’S RECYCLE BAN… EFFECTING THE WORLD