Where's my Check. PUA FUNDS for self employed benefits.

Hawaii is Talking about IGE… STEP DOWN!!! GREEN HAS THE ANSWERS

Hawaii is Talking about IGE... STEP DOWN!!! GREEN HAS THE ANSWERS. LT. GOV. GREEN has the right Ideas... Follow his steps. Because you Ige are a Blind Scared MOUSE... GET IT TOGETHER IGE...

Hilo Medical Center “PREPARING” For COVID-19 (Coronavirus) the 2020 PANDEMIC.

Hilo Medical Center "PREPARING" For COVID-19 (Coronavirus) the 2020 Pandemic. Hilo Medical Center is one of 3 hospitals that are located on the island of Hawaii.


On Saturday, the Honolulu Police Department will honor Kaulike Kalama, who was shot and killed in January’s violent rampage in Diamond Head.


March 6, 2020 at 12:23 pm HST OFFICIAL WORD: Coronavirus COVID-19 has been detected in the Islands.

Maui woman charged with murder

Maui woman charged with murder, Heather Glennon was formally charged for Murder in the Second Degree. Her bail is set at $500,000.00, she remains in-custody.

HILO POLICE: 8 Citations, Man Arrested For Lewdness, Urinating in Public

We hope the police department will be continuing their efforts at the local bars on Hilo's Bay Front and Kona Beach Bars and Hotels where pandering young women for prostitution will take president at some point. That sounds like a good arrest waiting to happen... Let's See A Solid Effort...

Unvaccinated Kids In Hawaii Grows…

We are all finding out in the worst way just how important vaccinating our children are. 30% 0f children in Hawaii are not vaccinated against measles. Many children are home schooled and non vaccinated. So who's to say if that count could not be higher. With the big connection to Samoa that the islands have … Continue reading Unvaccinated Kids In Hawaii Grows…

48 Hours of Rain and More To Go

48 Hours of Rain and More To Go

Once Again Rains Flood The Big Island 2020

Once Again Rains Flood The Big Island 2020