Ikaika Marzo reports on Facebook

Ok Folks the phrase “Summit Region” means above 12,500ft level. That means lava is active inside and possibly outside of the caldera. Stay vigilant and prepared!! “I rather be wrong then not say anything”. The flows that we are seeing from the Kailua Kona area in in the Summit Region. That could change with in … Continue reading Ikaika Marzo reports on Facebook

The Lava has Subsided for Now

As The lava hardens and the people try to get back to some kind of normalcy. September 8, 2018 Allowing Leilani Residents to return to their homes.A Good Look Inside Fissure We are left wondering what will happen to those who are still living in the shelters. Why have they not found shelter, whether it … Continue reading The Lava has Subsided for Now