big island surf

The Big Island is the youngest of the Hawaiian Islands and because of this has fewer beaches and surf spots than the other islands. However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t great surfing on the Big Island!

WANNA SURF SAYS: Seasonal swell & wind variations:

  • NW swell pretty much hit all the sides of the island and most of the best breaks on the island.
  • Winter best season
  • Summer time mostly Waipio valley best bet or the east and south sides

big island surf 2

From Kapoho to Pohoiki: No Surf, due to the Lava flow

Surfing Safety Tips

  1. Respect the Ocean! Surfing is a sport that claims casualties, so be sure to only put yourself in situations where you are still in control.
  2. Be aware of the currents.
  3. Never go surfing alone.
  4. Use plenty of sunscreen. The sunlight reflected of the water and the constant cooling effect of the ocean make it easy to forget you are burning.
  5. Mind the underwater sea life. Sea urchins and coral often hide under the water surface.
  6. Respect the locals! The most important rule when surfing is to not get in any one’s way. The person closest to the peak of the wave has the “right” to surf that wave. Having said that, 99% of the locals are very friendly in the water if you surf with respect and stick to spots that you can handle.

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