GUILTY… The Corrupt Kealoha’s, EX-Police Chief and Deputy Prosecutor For Honolulu…

Corruption Duo Duped Hawaii, Louis and Katherine Kealoha

The Great Corruption Duo of Hawaii.. Top ranking officials who ran Honolulu finally are found guilty of all counts.

From stealing money from 99 year old Aunt Puana and Mailbox fraud against another family member and trying to frame them to keep them quiet. Kealoha’s covering up a Drug ring ran by Katherine Kealoha’s brother, Big Island physician Dr. Rudy Puana.

The charges continue to mount against the High ranking couple.

Video by Honolulu Civil Beat
The Law with Lawson

The lies and corruption.. Blind eyes for how many years.. Until someone went to the FBI… BLIND EYES OF HAWAII

Kealoha’s 3 Years Ago… I Didn’t Do anything… I promise….

Video BY KHON2

Now Katherine and Louis Kealoha are getting a divorce.

The Law with Lawson

Ex Police Chief gets to keep his pension and money he received. Put more sting to the pain the State is paying for attorney fees on top of that.

Where is Senator Mazie Hirono and her big mouth now. I don’t see anyone saying a thing. Mayor, Governor anyone???


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