Running The Water Dry

Respect for the rain.

Maybe turn the faucet off while you are soaping up. Slow the wasting of water down the drain.

It doesn’t come back once it’s gone.

What kills me the most is all the new residents are watering their lawns in the midst of a drought. My grass is turning brown. No way would I risk running out of water.

But you see the new guys moving to Hawaii have big money. They spent their big money and drilled wells. Now the aquifer is being drained for their high society perfectly manicured green lawns.

How long will it take before we suffer the same fate as California and the west. A dry aquifer. Wells dry up fast when the ground water is not taken seriously. It’s a commodity we can’t afford to loose.

Will we survive as the population growth? The infrastructure remains the same. How many people can the island actually support? We need to look at all these situations before they get out of control. Beyond what we could ever think to fix if we don’t react now.

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